Malevant’s Special Dinner Party Request

Hello loyal followers. This is my second post in one week.

As you know I’ve been looking at lots of old recipes recently and discovering some delicious sounding if unusual rabbit recipes. To celebrate my discovery I’ve decided to hold a dinner party for a few friends, featuring da da! Some of the rabbit dishes of course!

But I need help deciding what to include in my final menu plan so I thought I’d ask you, my followers, for your assistance.

My problem is choosing the best rabbit recipes to replace some of the other dishes on the menu. I want at least three rabbit recipes on my final menu plan.

Which ones do you think suit best?

What recipes should I replace?

If you have a different rabbit recipe for my dinner party or one you think could be adapted for rabbit, and you’d like to see it on my menu send it to me.

I’ll include the three best recipes in my final plan.

Below is a dinner menu recommended for early spring listed in Hannah Glasse’s, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy.



Here are two more very old recipes to try:


Bone and flatten two young rabbits; put some force-meat upon them, slips of lean ham, breasts of fowl, and omelets of eggs, white and yellow, the same as for garnishing; roll tight and sew them up; lard the top part with slips of fat bacon put good coulis under them, and serve them hot.


Prepare two rabbits as for fricassee; put them, with as many pieces of bacon as there are rabbit, into a stew-pan, with half a pint of stock, two dozen of small onions, and half a pottle of mushrooms; cover with paper, and set it on a stove to simmer for an hour; then take the rabbit, &c. and lay it on the dish, skim off the fat, and reduce the liquor nearly to a glaze; put coulis to it, give it a boil, take it from the fire, and squeeze half a lemon; add Cayenne pepper and a little sugar; pour it over the rabbit, and garnish with paste.

 Bon Apetit!

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