An Old Recipe Book and a Favourite Rabbit Dish

Grandmother’s recipe book

The other day I was going through some boxes up in the old dairy. I discovered some interesting finds, one of which was my grandmother’s old recipe book. From the photo you can see that it is a brown clothbound book and pretty well battered about and stained from so many years of use. It was stuffed with bits of paper of all sizes, all of them hand written notes and recipes. When I’m not out hunting I’m spending some wonderful evenings tucked warmly away from the cold going through these and reminiscing about the times my siblings and I used to have at our grandmother’s.

Then yesterday afternoon I was sitting on the window sill of the farmhouse watching a re-run of The Cook and The Chef. As it happens the episode featured Maggie Beer’s pot roasted rabbit with pancetta, prunes and onions. I’m a big fan of the lovely and effervescent Maggie, who has done such a great job in introducing new foods, especially game, to the Australian palate.

It all seemed to be such a happy co-incidence so while I am busy going through my grandmother’s collection of recipes I thought I’d post Maggie’s delicious pot roasted rabbit for you to enjoy.

Maggie’s pot roasted rabbit

Maggie Beer’s Rabbit with Pancetta, Prunes, and Onions



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