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Welcome meat lovers to MALEVANT’S KITCHEN KAPERS – your go-to place for everything about rabbit meat!

Rabbit is harder to find these days, even farmed rabbit, which does make its way into some cat food, thank goodness!

But let me assure you that Rabbit is the talk of this season.

Nothing compares to freshly caught paddock rabbit. My mother was a great rabbiter. We ate rabbit at least once a week. I have fond memories of her heading out into the paddocks each evening to hunt leaving, me and my brothers and sisters safe and well-hidden, high up amongst the hay bales in Farmer Fitzgerald’s hay shed.

I’m licking my lips remembering all those wonderful rabbit dinners.

My mission is to get everyone eating more rabbit meat. Rabbit has very little fat so it’s one of the best sources of lean protein. It’s also got lots of other nutrients (see table below). And it’s yummy!

nutritional value of rabbit meat_IMAGE_Malevant_300-6-6-17
Journal of Animal Production Advances 2013, 3(4): 172-176

You can find the study here: Nutrient Content of Rabbit Meat Compared to Chicken, Beef and Pork Meat.

Malevant’s Kitchen Kapers simply adores rabbit prepared all ways, fresh or cooked. I hope you enjoy these recipes most of which I’ve taken straight out of my dear old mother’s recipe book or I’ve tried from other cooks.

Rabbit can be bought from specialist butchers and online. You can ask your own butcher if he can get a rabbit or two for you.

Drop me a line or use the comments bar and let me know how much you like my recipes.



Malevant and Malevant’s Kitchen Kapers are part of the transmedia storytelling project, Blossom the Were-Rabbit.

Follow more of the story and learn about the characters blossomthewererabbit

These recipes are either real or adapted recipes. Not all have been tested by the author/creator.

© J Bayliss & Blossom the Were-Rabbit Project 2017

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isolde says:

    Never eaten rabbit – what’s it like?


    1. Malevant says:

      Hi Isolde, rabbit is a delicious white meat similar to chicken but. Wild rabbit has a gamier taste than farmed rabbit. Cook rabbit slow and gentle or it dries out. If you can’t get rabbit you can use chicken instead.


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